Cute Plants vs. Zombies amigurumi plushies

I made these cute Plants vs Zombie amigurmi’s by looking at screenshots of the game. I first drew a sketch of the plant, tried to find the right color of yarn. To give it the final touch, I bought some real pots to plant them.



Arts and Crafts in Brussels

I’ve been meaning to post something about art and crafts stores in Brussels  for a while. I’ve recently (in May) moved to Brussels and it takes some figuring out where I can get all my craft supplies. I will be updating this post when I find new cool stores, but this is a first attempt.


You can buy cheap wool at Zeeman and Wibra (in Belgium and in the Netherlands). Veritas has a larger selection of wool (and probably better quality), but I usually buy it at Zeeman or Wibra, because I need lots of different colors for my amiguruni’s. Veritas also sells other arts and craft supplies, such as felt, buttons, books, beads, and so on. You should check it out for yourself once :). I actually didn’t know that Veritas sold stuff like that. There a small shop on Rue du Bailli (I forgot the exact number) in Brussels where they sell lots of wool.


A small shop on Avenue Buyl 12 in Brussels sells fabric and paper with Japanese patterns. Sometimes they have origami workshops. I was excited to find out via the shop on Avenue Buyl, that there is a Japanese bookshop near Delta (Brussels)! :) I visited it once and they have a shelf with different origami books, also quite new ones. I already added two books to my origami books wishlist ;).

Peas in a pod – edamame – soy beans

When I go out for Japanese food, I love to eat edamame beans. Ofcourse I had to make a edamame amigurumi :).

I crocheted three balls (the peas) and six half balls. I stitched the six half balls together to make the outer shell. The funny thing is that the peas actually jump away when you press it, just like the real edamame beans! ^__^

Peas in a pod 
Peas in a pod

Kirby and weighted companion cube amigurumi

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I’ve been crocheting like crazy so I’ll post some pictures. My friend’s birthday was coming up and I knew he likes videogaming. I made a Kirby and a Weighted Companion Cube from Portal for him. The patterns are from Nerdigurumi. Be sure to check out other cool game related patterns on the Nerdigurumi website.

Companion cube and Kirby
Companion cube and Kirby