Cute geisha amigurumi

I made this geisha based on a pattern I found. I will post the link to the original pattern later. To give it a nice touch, I put sticks in her hair and I embroidered some little ornaments.





I made this geisha a while ago with a friend of mine. She also made a geisha. I also gave a workshop on making this geisha at my club.Origami Geisha

Work in progress: Geisha Cross Stitch

I’m working on two different geisha’s in cross stitch. One is called Geisha Beauty by Dimensions. I bought the package a while ago on a cross stitch fair in Den Bosch (The Netherlands).

Geisha Beauty in cross stitch

I ordered another geisha cross stitch “Elegant Geisha” via Ebay. It cost me only € 8.48 including shipping. Now I have to wait until it will arrive..

Elegant Geisha

When I was in New York last summer I bought my first geisha cross stitch “Japanese Maiden”. It was very cheap, because the pattern was stolen from the package. Luckily Dimensions sent me the pattern, so I still could make the geisha.

Japanese Maiden