Shopping for craft supplies in Antwerp

Last weekend I went shopping with a friend and we visited some nice craft (related) stores in Antwerp.


This is a shop in Antwerp (but you can also find it in other cities in Flanders and in the Netherlands). They sell a wide variety of art and craft supplies. Examples of supplies: yarn, clay, origami paper, decoration materials for cupcakes and so on. You can check their website for the exact address.


Suprisingly, we discovered at least three Veritas stores in Antwerp closely located to each other. If you have never visited Veritas, it seems like an ordinary clothes shop from the outside. They sell some clothing, socks, bags and other accessoiries. However, in the back of the store you will find different kinds of yarn, needles and most things needed to knit or to crochet. Also, if you’re into beads, they also sell those there. Veritas has stores across Belgium. In the stores in Flanders, they sometimes give workshops. Check out their website for more info and the location of stores.

International Magazine Store

The last store seems a bit the odd man out, but the shop has a large assortment of (international) magazines, including art and craft magazines :)!. We spent quite a long time browsing through magazines about quilting, beading, crochet and other crafts. Usually, we only find such magazines when we’re on holiday abroad, but this shop has French / American / Italian (and the list continues) magazines. Here is a link to their website.


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