Crane variations: crane hearts & chopstick holder

When I started paying attention for variations of the crane model, I suddenly found a lot of them :). Orison, the magazine of the Origami Sociëteit Nederland (Origami Society Netherlands), published 4 variations of cranes. They were all designed by Mary Lou Richard and all can be fold with a dollar bill. For the crane heart I used a paper with the ratio 1:2, because you don’t actually need a dollar bill sized paper for it.

Crane Heart

The second crane variation is a chopstick holder. There are several of them in the book. I have to admit: this model is made with two cuts, but no glue is used.

Crane chopstick holder

Author: Kobayashi, Kazuo
Title: Many Useful Origami Objects
ISBN: 4405070814


One thought on “Crane variations: crane hearts & chopstick holder

  1. hi, i was browsing and i found your picture of the crane heart. i was wondering if u can send me the instructions for it? please and thank you

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