Hello Kitty & Miffy (Nijntje)

Miffy (Dutch: Nijntje) was the second modular thing I made. It was a package with pre-cut modules. I only had to fold them, and cut out his eyes, his collar, arms, etc.

Nijntje / Miffy

Here you can find a description how to fold a swan. This is one of the most famous Chinese origami projects.

This is a website of someone who collected a lot of links to Chinese origami projects. You can try to fold them, this is also the website where I found the diagram of Hello Kitty. I advise people who have already folded some models, look at pictures of pretty models and try to recreate them. Sometimes it’s not that hard. I also made my penguin of a picture.

Penguin of Chinese modular origami

Tip: don’t glue the models at first. It’s very hard to adjust the shape of your model when you glue the pieces together. Someone I know uses glue for photos. This is special glue which you can remove quite easily, so you still can adjust your pieces. Kirby is an example of how you should NOT glue your model ^^.

Kirby - why you should NOT glue Chinese origami ^ ^


2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty & Miffy (Nijntje)

  1. hey, i have this origami penguin Im folding for my girlfriend and im having so much trouble doing it i was wondering if you could some how help me out

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